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At Skin Essentials, we want you to feel beautiful in your own skin. That is why we regularly publish articles that focus on different techniques and skin care methods that you can use at home.

Botox is Not Just for Wrinkles

You have probably heard about Botox and its ability to decrease the visibility of wrinkles on your forehead and near your eyes. But, did you also know that you can also use it for treating several conditions such as TMJ or chronic migraines? At Broadway Skin...

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The Ultimate Skincare Treatment System

The most exciting new cutting-edge approach to collagen is here, and it comes in three targeted treatment creams! SkinBetter Science introduces their InterFuse Treatment System: InterFuse Lines, InterFuse Eye Cream, and InterFuse Face & Neck.Revolutionary...

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The New Vitamin A for Great Skin!

Retin-A is a topical medication that is a very popular prescription because of all the great benefits it provides. It can help with acne, fine lines and wrinkles and help to even out pigmentation. Like many, I was prescribed tretinoin, a form of retin-A, and I was...

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EVEN Out Your Skin’s Tone & Texture

For as long as I can remember I have been self-conscious about the unevenness of my skin tone. Growing up In Colorado, I spent a lot of time outside being exposed to the harsh sun. Many members of my family have developed dark spots and redness as they get older from...

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Hydration vs. Moisturization – What’s the Difference?

Hydration vs. moisturization - is there a difference? First off, hydration is the key to helping the body function correctly. Our skin is our greatest asset and since it is the body’s largest organ we need to keep it constantly hydrated. Drinking water is good for our...

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RegiMEN: The Father’s Day Gift for You and Him!

Father’s day is coming and it’s time to start thinking about the best way to show the most important man in your life how much he means to you. But what do you get for the guy who has the entire Home Depot catalog from 2005-2019 gathering dust in his garage? You can’t...

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Are Vampire Facials® Safe?

There has been some frightening news recently regarding Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial treatments, frequently referred to as a Vampire Facial®. It was concluded that a spa in Albuquerque, NM was potentially spreading blood-borne infections due unsanitary practices....

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Susie’s Summer Sun Skincare

There is one thing that I look forward to all winter long and that’s summer! There is just something about the long summer days, wearing flip flops, sundresses, and not having to scrape the ice off my car that makes me so happy. But every year at the first sign of...

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The Fountain of Youth – in a Pill?

We’re all looking for the fountain of youth – skincare, products, and vitamins and supplements – to help us feel younger and more alive. Many people haven’t found the regimen they are looking for, but we have something that might be it!Let’s talk about the Anti-Aging...

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