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At Skin Essentials, we want you to feel beautiful in your own skin. That is why we regularly publish articles that focus on different techniques and skin care methods that you can use at home.

Up the Ante on Autumn Skincare

September is upon us, and although the changing colors makes for a beautiful outdoor scene, changes in skin can be less than appealing. The shifts in weather while seasons change can wreak havoc on skin. As the air outside becomes more crisp and cool, it also tends to...

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Strange Skincare: Odd Skincare Products

We’ve all seen a million different skincare products which are supposed to be the new breakthrough in skin. From activated charcoal to beauty oils and serums, it seems like there is a new miracle product on the market every other week. Sometimes, though, skincare...

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Smite Your Smile Lines

Nothing is better than a gut busting laugh at a good joke. Unfortunately, life is cruel and even good things can beget bad ones. The happiness showcased by our smiles often leads to smile lines. These tiny wrinkles form from the sides of the nose to the corners of the...

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Hidden Things That May Be Harming Your Skin

Your Cellphone Your phone is covered in bacteria (up to eighteen times more than a public restroom!) and every time you put your phone up to your face, you’re covering your face in that bacteria! Every day, take some time to wipe your phone down with a moist...

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Beauty Beneath the Surface

Everyone has heard the adage, “beauty is only skin deep.” This is truer than ever, but maybe not in the way we think. Maybe, beauty being skin deep means that achieving beautiful skin has been closer than we thought all along! Consider the resurgence of chemical peels...

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A Quick Guide to Sunburn Severity

Everyone who has suffered a sunburn knows that sometimes your skin will feel a little tender, and other times it feels as though your skin is going to melt off and your brain will stop functioning. This is because not all sunburns are created equally. Some can be...

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Fourth of July Facial Faux Pas

Every girl wants to be Pinterest perfect when it comes to holiday makeup. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time, talent, products, or any combination of the three to actually pull them off. While starry lips and glittery eyes look adorable in that model’s...

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Microneedling: The Natural Anti-Aging Secret

One of the biggest up-and-coming facial treatments in modern medicine is microneedling. This process involves a small tool with multiple very fine needles which puncture the face resulting in the body’s natural response to produce more proteins in the skin. By filling...

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Chlorine: a Cause for Concern?

With the sun out and summer in full swing, everyone wants to head to the pool! There’s nothing quite like getting some sun on your face and taking a dip to cool off. What many don’t realize, however, is that pool chemicals can be very detrimental to the health of your...

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Every Day Dangers Facing Your Face

A poem by Shel Silverstein once began by asking, “Where did you get such a dirty face, My darling dirty-faced child?” Unfortunately, “chewing the roots of a rose, And digging for clams in the yard with my nose” are occurrences which are so unlikely that they rarely...

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is skin cancer awareness month, so before it’s over, we want to make sure you’re doing what you can to prevent skin cancer in your life. Skin cancer is one of the most diagnosed types of cancers worldwide, and being aware of how to spot common signs is just as...

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Crack Jokes Not Heels

With summer here to stay, everyone is excited. School is out, days are longer, and it’s time to break out the tank tops and the cute, strappy sandals. Unfortunately, for a good portion of us, those cute flip flops end up showcasing less than summer-ready pedis. The...

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