The marijuana industry is an ever growing market. Many states have legalized it not just for medical use, but for recreational now, too. With what seems like federal legalization looming just around the corner, business is booming. While there are countless uses for cannabis, even more are being discovered everyday. Some think that skincare infused with cannabis could be the next big thing.


No Smoking Allowed

When it comes to your skin, any form of smoke is harmful. This includes not just cigarette smoke but also marijuana smoke. Plus, just smoking marijuana by itself is not going to cure your acne. In fact, smoking joints or out of pipes can actually damage your skin. Many are unaware that some of the same carcinogens in cigarettes are also found in marijuana plant matter, and rolling papers. When exposed to smoke, skin cells can reduce the amount of collagen that is produced. In turn, this can cause your skin to age more rapidly. However, you can rectify this by instead smoking out of a bong or vape. If you’re looking for a new skincare solution, consider using cannabis infused balms or oils. In this form, those that have tried it observed complete opposite effects to their skin compared to smoking.

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You may have thought that the only benefits of marijuana are a nice feeling and decreased pain. But there are so many more, especially when it’s applied as a topical skincare. Marijuana is not just for the “hippies” anymore. Nearly anyone can find something about cannabis that will benefit them. A few examples are protection against aging skin, the abundance of antioxidants, the ability to fight inflammation, and it’s full of omega 3s.

Anti Aging

We’ve already discussed how any kind of smoke can be damaging towards your skin, and makes it age at a rapid rate. However, when cannabis is used in topical form it has the opposite effect. This works because the skin is full of cannabinoid receptors.


Antioxidants help prevent the effects caused by free radicals. Free radicals consist of UV rays from the sun, smoke, and any other pollutant in the environment. Not only can exposure to free radicals cause damage to skin cells, but they can make you appear much older as well. On the other hand, topical cannabis is full of antioxidants that fight fine lines and wrinkles.


Many people suffer from inflammation of the skin. Taking an anti inflammatory pill, like Ibuprofen can take a toll on your liver over time. Of course, cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory and can reduce swelling. You can also use marijuana skincare products to help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Omega 3s

A great number of people take fish oil supplements to insure they’re getting their daily dose of omega 3s. The fact that healthy fats are good for you is widely known. A cannabis product that is legal in all states is hempseed oil, and happens to be full of omega fatty acids. Hempseed oil is great for moisturizing the skin as well as protecting it from UV rays. The combination of antioxidants and omega 3s also helps prevent wrinkles.

Get Enlightened

In conclusion, there are a wide range of skincare products on the market. Many of them are made with products that can damage your skin, rather than help it. Marijuana infused skincare is a great, all natural alternative. From simply moisturizing, to helping prevent damage and wrinkles, topical cannabis is a must have.


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