These days, everybody seems to be talking about the different uses and benefits of coconut oil. Incorporating coconut oil into you daily routine seems like a must. But why? Not only do people cook with it, but people are starting to use it on their skin as well. Coconut oil has been found to have properties that moisturize and fortify skin. We’ll go over some of the advantages of using coconut oil.

Dry skin

First of all, coconut oil has amazing moisturizing properties. It’s usually sold in jars, and the oil remains solid until heated to a certain temperature. Since body temperature is around 97 degrees, it will melt if scooped onto your palm. Once melted, coconut oil is easily absorbed into pores with leaving behind any residue. If your skin is dry, try incorporating coconut oil into your routine. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately. To start, simply wash your face as you normally do and lightly dry with a towel. Only a small amount of coconut oil is needed, as it spreads well. Apply the oil with both hands, insuring to get your entire face. After 5-10 minutes, gently wipe away excess oil with a towel.

Oily skin

In addition, you can even use coconut oil on skin that is oily. People with dry skin aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this great product. Usually when a person has oily skin it is due to the overproduction of sebum. This is the result of skin that isn’t hydrated. Your body is simply trying to hydrate the skin by making excess oil. Consequently, this can lead to skin problems like acne.  By adding coconut oil to your routine, your skin will be properly hydrated as a result. This will lead to sebum levels going back to normal. To apply, wash face with a mild soap and apply warm oil liberally. Leave the oil on for about fifteen minutes, then wash face again with warm water. Initially, you may have a flare up of acne. This is normal, and your skin should reduce sebum secretion within a couple of days.

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Makeup remover

Most people are aware that leaving makeup on your face overnight will lead to skin problems. You could break out in acne, or develop super oily skin. So, washing it off at night is always a good idea. However, some products are harsh on skin. The process of removing makeup is sometimes too harsh for delicate skin, especially around the eyes. Using coconut oil as a makeup remover will reduce the risk of damaging your skin. Not only is it a gentle cleanser, but it’s very powerful as well. Avoid rubbing and pulling the skin too much by applying with a cotton ball. Leave for five minutes and wash face. You may need to do this more than one time to ensure all makeup is removed.


Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties. As a result, it protects the skin from potential pathogens. It also reduces the risk of bacterial infections, which can worsen acne. Lauric acid content in coconut oil makes up about 85 percent of the oil. This substance acts as the antibacterial agent. Breast milk is another substance that is high in Lauric acid. Skin that is not properly hydrated is most likely very oily, with an overproduction of sebum. As we’ve discussed, this can lead to acne, but sometimes other bacterial infections as well. Bacterial infections such as Staph could develop and quickly become serious. Cleansing and moisturizing skin with coconut oil will help reduce the amount of bad bacteria on the skin.

Protection from the sun

Also, coconut oil can offer protection from solar radiation. The oil has an SPF 4, protecting against short exposures from the suns rays. While you shouldn’t use coconut oil as a sunscreen, it’s great for a quick trip. In addition to having SPF, it can also heal any damage. For instance, if you were in the sun all day without any sort of protection on your skin, applying coconut oil afterwards helps reduce damage. The UV rays from the sun can damage your skin cells, and create a number of free radicals. In turn, this can cause further damage to cellular DNA. Applying coconut oil onto burnt skin can soothe in addition to reducing inflammation and pain.

Reduce wrinkles

There is an array of products on the market for preventing and reducing wrinkles. Many people don’t know that coconut oil can prevent wrinkles, giving you a more youthful look. Collagen is what keeps the skin looking smooth and elastic. As we age, collagen is broken down by the effects of UV rays, smoking, and pollution. To counteract these effects, replacing collagen is a must. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin, and attracts protein molecules. Applying a thin layer to the skin will create a barrier against dust and other pollutants. It promotes collagen formation, keeping the skin smooth and supple.

It should be obvious that coconut oil is an inexpensive purchase, with many benefits. Adding this to your daily routine will greatly improve the appearance of your skin.


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