I’m not into winter or the cold, but as a cosmetic and fashion guru, there is something to be said about the changes Fall and Wintertime bring. There are many styles and trends that are suitable for anyone and everyone. My favorite trend for the holiday season? Dark lipstick. There is no better way to perfecting this holiday look than achieving full, accentuated lips to compliment the popular look of dark lipstick. Introducing Juvederm Volbella XC!


This product is unlike any other lip injectable due to its subtle and natural-looking results. Not only can this product introduce more room for lipstick, but is ideal for patients looking for definition to the lip line and cupids bow! This exciting product has a softening effect that can help the lips look more symmetrical and sculpted to transform the way cosmetics look on the lips once applied. This injectable can be worn with cosmetics or alone to achieve natural yet noticeable definition.

Volbella XC is temporary; perfect for lasting through the upcoming holiday season and New Year!

A few examples of latest trends, and how Volbella XC can be introduced to compliment this trend.

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