Dysport – An Alternative To BOTOX®

Dysport treats wrinkles by blocking the nerve signal that causes the muscles to dynamically move and contract. Ultimately. An injectable form of botulinum toxin Type A, Dysport is similar to BOTOX® – the toxin is injected into specific wrinkles and the muscles become temporarily immobilized. When the muscles are immobilized your facial wrinkles or frown lines are smoother and less defined.

For a similar cost to BOTOX®, Dysport is about 1/3 the strength. You may need more units of Dysport to achieve the results you seek but will require fewer treatments over the course of a year making it a more affordable approach to wrinkle reduction and frown line elimination.

Are There Risks Associated With Dysport?

Antibody formation may be more likely with Dysport. If a patient develops antibodies, the toxin can be neutralized, which could potentially prevent effectiveness. Patients can experience swelling, bruising, numbness in a localized area or burning throughout the injection. Ice placed on the injection site will help soothe the area.

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