Once per year we celebrate a holiday that truly makes us thankful for a very special talent. Halloween gives makeup gurus a day to explore the far-reaches of their artistic skills and produce a once in a lifetime look that’s sure to turn heads. This year we’re doing something we don’t normally do. We’re going to give advice on how to make your skin look horrible. Creating creepy skin isn’t exactly our forte here at Denver Skin Essentials, but we’re giving it a shot in this week’s blog: Halloween Makeup Hacks!

Build a Blister

If you want to look like you just left a house fire before showing up at your Halloween shindig, here’s an idea you might enjoy. You’ll need a reddish, creme-based makeup, clear gelatin, a makeup sponge, and a microwave to create these fake blisters. Using a sponge, lightly apply a reddish, creme-based makeup onto small portions of the face, neck, and arms, focusing the color in the middle. Blend it out. Then, melt clear gelatin in the microwave for about 10 seconds and test it with your fingers to make sure it isn’t too hot. Then, either by yourself or with a friend, use a spatula to drip the gelatin over the red splotches you created. As they are drying, lightly pat them with your fingers to give them a skin-like texture. Deepen the red coloring around the edges of your new blisters to give them that fresh wound effect.

halloween makeup

No Bones About It

Creating the illusion of an exposed cheek bone is easier than it sounds. You’ll need latex adhesive, tissue paper, white face paint, black eyeshadow, fake blood, and a reddish, creme-based makeup to pull off this look. Layer tissue paper and latex adhesive, which you can find at any store which sells Halloween makeup, about 4 or 5 layers deep and blend it to your skin tone using your regular face makeup. Then, very carefully, cut a hole in the middle where you will soon see your bone. Use black eyeshadow on your skin underneath the “ripped skin” to darken it. This is when you paint a white “bone” on your face in the middle of the open area of latex. Add a reddish, creme-based makeup around the outside as well as over the black eyeshadow and throw on some drips of fake blood to frighten your friends!

halloween makeup

Zip Your Lips

This Halloween hack is so easy and looks absolutely terrifying. To create the illusion that your lips are sewn shut, you’ll need thick thread or yarn, tissues, latex adhesive, your regular face makeup, fake blood, a black creme-based makeup, and a reddish, creme-based makeup. Similar to the exposed cheekbone hack, layer latex and tissues for about 4 or 5 layers over the mouth, making sure not to put latex adhesive on the lips. Instead, the surrounding skin of the chin, cheeks, and the upper lip under the nose. Blend your regular face makeup over the area once it’s dry so it matches the skin of your face. Then, carefully cut an opening horizontally across your lips and fill in the area underneath your latex completely black. Use the reddish makeup and fake blood to fill in the insides of the ripped latex adhesive. Finally, poke holes in the ripped adhesive to pull your thread through to make your mouth appear as if you’ve had your mouth sewn shut. Make sure you bring a straw to sip on any Halloween cocktails while wearing this look!

Which of these looks are you most likely to try this Halloween? Tag us in your picture if you try them out and show your friends so your group can try the full gamut of these haunted Halloween looks!

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