No matter what shape eyebrows you were born with, there’s no doubt that perfectly shaped eyebrows are here to stay. However, not everybody is as skilled as some of those YouTubers out there. Not to mention, with all the products on the market how are you supposed to know which to use? There are brow pencils, powder, gel, wax, and special tools to apply them with. When you finally figure it out, there’s almost no time for anything else in the morning. But, there’s a new trend that is getting a lot of traction these days. Microblading is the next big thing in the eyebrow world, but it’s not for the faint of heart. To put it simply, microblading is the newest form of tattooing your eyebrows.


What is Microblading?
Traditionally, tattooed eyebrows were known for being chunky, block-like, and not at all attractive by today’s standards. Microblading is a new way to tattoo brows that actually looks natural. The reason is eyebrow tattooists use a fine needle rather than a regular tattoo needle. Using the super fine needle, the artist draws lots of small lines that look like individual hairs. The appointments take around two hours, with the first hour dedicated to drawing the shape with a removable pencil. Luckily, most technicians spend a great deal of time and effort to make them look perfect. Each client is different and requires a custom shape to frame their face.

Where can you get Microblading?

Now, you may be wondering where do go to get this perfect set of eyebrows. You’re not alone. But take your time, and do your research. Microblading is semi-permanent, so you’ll want to go to someone with experience. For instance, you could ask for a portfolio of previous work, and references. Make sure the environment is clean, and the needle and other tools are sterile. Most importantly, make sure the technician has all the appropriate licenses and/or certificates posted. Finally, when you’ve found the right fit you’re ready for your brow blading.

What Can you Expect?

Don’t forget that the procedure takes awhile, usually around two hours. Also, microblading is semi-permanent so you’ll need to get touch ups every so often. Before the procedure, don’t take any aspirin or drink because they can thin the blood. The technician will use some sort of numbing cream or spray. Most of the time, microblading is pain-free but you may feel a little discomfort. Unfortunately, the real pain comes with the price tag. Usually, it costs anywhere between $400 all the way to $900. Plus, you’ll eventually need touch ups which is an additional cost.
Once done, you’ll need to protect your investment and ensure they heal properly. Directly after your microblading appointment, your brows will look darker than you may expect. This is normal and they should begin to fade over the next few days. If you have any experience with tattoos, you’re aware that they scab over. No matter how much you may want to, do not pick at them. Doing so will make the pigment uneven. During the healing process, you’ll need to apply some sort of balm to your eyebrows. Overall, the healing isn’t bad and only takes about 4 or 5 days.

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