One of the biggest up-and-coming facial treatments in modern medicine is microneedling. This process involves a small tool with multiple very fine needles which puncture the face resulting in the body’s natural response to produce more proteins in the skin. By filling these microscopic puncture wounds, the face naturally lifts, filling unwanted lines and scars, tightening skin, reducing pigmentation issues, and preventing the onset of premature aging. It involves no anesthetic, only a numbing cream for comfort, and heals quickly creating younger-looking skin in as few as 4-6 sessions. The efficiency of the process of microneedling as well as the many positive results it brings about make it one of the best procedures available in anti-aging.

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Medical Evidence of Efficacy

According to a study conducted by Dr. Imran Majid at the Cutis Institute of Dermatology, the majority of a sample group of patients saw improvement in the severity of their facial scarring after 4-6 treatments of microneedling. The improvements were measured both by the patients themselves subjectively as well as objectively. No adverse effects were reported by any of the patients. Out of the 37 patients in the sample group, 36 completed the suggested treatments. 34 of those 36 reported seeing an improvement of at least two grades of skin repair. They all started the study with Grade 2 or Grade 4 scarring, Grade 4 being the most severe. The treatment heals quickly and with very little irritation.


For cosmetic purposes, microneedling can lessen the appearance of lines, stretch marks, pores, and sagging. Collagen and elastin are the two most important proteins which allow body tissues to return to their original state after any damage from stretching or tightening. Years of contracting and pulling on the skin damages it minimally on a daily basis, so over a long period of time during which body does not fix the damage, it starts to become noticeable. As mentioned before, microneedling is a catalyst for the body’s natural wound healing processes, sending a greater amount of collagen and elastin to fix the wounds on the surface of the skin. The influx of these proteins causes a near instant change in the appearance of imperfections. After a typical round of 4-6 treatments, the face will see drastic changes to the aforementioned skin related issues.

Other Benefits of Microneedling

One of the often overlooked benefits of this anti-aging treatment is that skin will absorb much more of the skin treatment products patients use. Some reports note than as little as 4-6% of the skin products consumers buy is actually absorbed into the skin. This can be due to clogged pores, weathered skin, and the skin’s natural job as a protective seal against outside influence into the body. However, by opening up these small wounds on the face, the surface of the skin is forced to allow greater absorption so patients can get the most out of the products they buy.

Microneedling also tends to heal more quickly and less painfully than other, more invasive treatments on the market. In fact, an article published in Dermatologic Surgery reported no quantifiable difference between laser surgery and microneedling in terms of the way the patients looked. In the study, microneedling is actually credited with healing faster and less painfully while making the exact same strides in anti-aging for patients. Less pain for the same results sounds like a no-brainer to most people looking for younger skin.


Microneedling could be the answer to beautiful, young-looking skin for those seeking treatment. Consult with a doctor before trying any new procedures for the skin. It’s about time that everyone can stop creating worry lines while fretting about their skin and erase the ones they already have with microneedling.