Nothing is better than a gut busting laugh at a good joke. Unfortunately, life is cruel and even good things can beget bad ones. The happiness showcased by our smiles often leads to smile lines. These tiny wrinkles form from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, vertically above the mouth, and, sometimes, are accompanied by crow’s feet; they occur naturally in most of the population. Because last week was National Smile Week, we thought we’d share some insider tips and tricks on how to eliminate these wrinkles and keep your smile beautiful!

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A few exercises exist to help diminish the appearance of smile lines. The easiest way (and by that, we mean the least noticeable exercise for sitting at your desk so your coworkers don’t look at you funny) is to alternate between smiling widely with lips open and making a tight, puckered O with your lips. Hold each position for a few seconds, and alternate between these two facial expressions for one to two minutes. This exercise will activate the muscles around the mouth and cheeks, restoring fullness around the mouth. Another useful exercise involved hooking your index fingers into the corners of your mouth and gently pulling outward while using your lips to resist the movement. Again, the muscles in the face and mouth are strengthened and activated to fill in lines created by years of repeated movements.

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Topical Treatments

There are plenty of DIY options to help reduce the appearance of laugh lines. A mixture of brown sugar and lemon can form a great all-natural scrub which increases blood flow to the area resulting in a plumping effect. The lemon also brings out the skin’s natural radiance to make the skin look fresher and younger. Whipping up egg whites with a bit of coconut oil is another popular at home treatment. The egg whites tighten the skin which the coconut oil adds nourishing moisture to help last though the whole day. It is important to note that all these treatments are temporary and work best when users stay properly hydrated and eat a proper diet. For deep or persistent lines, many options are available from face lifts to plumping injections which will reduce the appearance of laugh lines for a greater time frame.


Final Thoughts

Everyone likes to look their best. By using these exercises and nourishing treatments, you can reduce the appearance of laugh lines and always put your best face forward. Every person should be able to laugh until they cry without worrying about how it will affect their skin. Use these tips and watch your creases vanish right before your eyes!