We’ve all seen a million different skincare products which are supposed to be the new breakthrough in skin. From activated charcoal to beauty oils and serums, it seems like there is a new miracle product on the market every other week. Sometimes, though, skincare starts to air on the side of strange. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the strangest skincare fads from recent years. Where do you draw the line on what looks practical versus what’s just down right peculiar?

Activated Charcoal

This one is a pretty recent trend. You can find activated charcoal face wash and masks at almost every corner store, and it has even reached beyond just the realm of skincare and into the tooth whitening sphere. Supposedly, the activated charcoal absorbs toxins and the slightly abrasive texture clears skin’s imperfections. Unfortunately, scientific evidence has yet to substantiate any claim other than the one that states, like all other facial scrubs, charcoal scrubs help slough off dead skin.

Fish Pedicures

This fad is only available at certain salons, but the premise is interesting. Small, toothless fish nibble at callouses and dead skin on the feet instead of scraping it with a brush or razor. This pedicure gained traction for being such an interesting experience and its presence in viral posts on social media grew quickly. Later, however, it was discovered that many who used this fishy foot treatment actually developed infections from the fish. Because the same fish are used on multiple people throughout the day, and there is no way to sanitize them between uses, the spread of infection is very easy. The practice has been banned in many states, and in others heightened awareness of the dangers of using this treatment for those with open sores or cuts on the feet or compromised immune systems is taking hold.


Eating Clay

Actress Shailene Woodley brought this practice to the limelight. As a lover of natural, homeopathic remedies, she has mentioned that she eats clay because the body won’t absorb it, and instead it attracts metals and toxins within the body to help flush the system. However, many scientists have refuted these claims, saying eating large amounts of this or any non-food substance can be harmful to the body and can cause malnutrition, ruptured colon, anemia, or constipation among other conditions. Maybe just stick to putting clay masks on the face instead of ingesting it.

Bee Venom

If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know it hurts, tingles a bit, and eventually leaves your skin puffy and red. Apparently, this is a desirable look because facial creams, scrubs, and serums are being developed using both honey and venom from bees. Yikes. Continued use allegedly plumps the skin in a similar fashion to botox treatment due to the gentle stinging. While not harmful, there are plenty of debates regarding whether or not the products are worth the hype. The reviews seem to be hit-or-miss, as some love the skincare stuff and others think it’s a honey-coated hoax. But if it was good enough for Kate Middleton, who are we to judge?

Vampire Facials

This is exactly what it sounds like, so if you’re squeamish, you should just stop reading here. Have a good week, we’ll see you next time. If you’re still here, it means you have nerves of steel and we’re proud of you. Now, let’s talk about blood facials. This fad was popularized by the one-and-only Kim Kardashian when she posted a picture of the treatment on her iInstagram. A doctor extracts blood and separates the plasma from the rest of the blood cells to be re-injected into the face. It is supposed to improve texture of the skin as well as brighten the face due to the increased blood flow. The third and final step of the process is to coat and soak the skin in growth factors derived from blood. Yep, cover yourself in blood to look younger is the practice here. We’re getting serious Elizabeth Bàthory vibes here, and we’re not sure how to feel about it. If you haven’t heard of Elizabeth Bàthory and you’ve made it this far, give her a quick web search because if this last type of facial didn’t gross you out, nothing can.