The ultimate way to relax, a day at the spa finished with a facial. Some people think facials are something you do only for special occasions. We’re here to tell you, that’s not true at all! There are probably more things about facials that you’ve never even realized. Read this week’s blog to find out more.

Consistency is Key

Even though you may feel like getting a facial is the solution to your skin woes, it’s not a magic eraser. If you think that you’ll wake up the next day with perfect skin, think again. You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect a six pack right away. Your skin is very similar in that way and needs regular care to see results. Most estheticians recommend getting a facial every four to six weeks.

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Secondly, you should always disclose any medication you’re on to your esthetician. That’s because certain medications can make your skin extra sensitive and affect how it reacts to facials. For instance, some ingredients in acne treatments, birth control, or allergy medications make your skin sensitive. Your med list will determine what products will get used on your skin.

Lighting is Key

Many people associate facials with dim lighting and relaxing music. However, dim lights would actually hinder your esthetician’s ability to do a good job. Bright, sharp lighting is best to see any and all imperfections on the skin. Make sure that your salon has excellent lighting before scheduling an appointment.


Big Events

Have a wedding coming up? Company party? Are you thinking this means you have to rush to the nearest salon for a facial? Don’t! It may seem like a great idea, facials are supposed to be great for your skin. But, the few days following a facial your skin will most likely be blotchy and irritated. Most of the time, skin looks worse before it starts looking better. Try to shoot for at least a week before any event to avoid any lingering blotchiness.

Waxing and Facials Don’t Go Together

You’re not alone if you think it’d be a lot easier to do all your spa appointments in one day. You’re right, it would be! But the two treatments that do not go hand in hand are waxing and facials. When the skin is waxed, a new layer of skin cells is exposed. Since most facials include some sort of exfoliant, it can irritate your skin. Try to spread the two apart by a couple of days, instead.

Ancient Civilizations got Facials

Interestingly, people first started getting facials in ancient Greece, China, and the Romans. They used natural ingredients such as rosehip oil, sulfur, and gingko. When visiting your salon, look for these ingredients because they are great for your skin.