See How Your Complexion Compares To Others The Same Age As You & How You Can Improve It With VISIA Complexion Analysis

Visia Complexion Analysis

Originally developed by Procter & Gamble as a tool to study skin care more closely, VISIA Complexion Analysis has been improved and made readily available to the aesthetic industry by Canfield Imaging Systems.

The VISIA system uses multi-spectral and RBX technology to expose the damage on and beneath the surface of our skin which is not measurable by a visual assessment.

VISIA Imaging Evaluates 6 Skin Criteria’s That Influence Your Skin Health & Complexion:UV-In-Office-Analysis

  1. Surface spots
  2. Red and brown subsurface spots
  3. UV damage caused by sun exposure
  4. Surface texture
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Pores
  7. Porphyrins (indication of the P. acne bacteria)

Your Skin Essentials @ bod:evolve provider will prescribe custom treatment/at home skin care regimen based on your initial exam.

If you have further questions regarding the VISIA imaging, please ask your Skin Essentials @ bod:evolve provider for more information.

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